…let’s go boundary walking…        ~ March 2017 ~

after an absence, i return

gathering a variety of materials

physical and more nuanced

attempting to offer them to the world

~ inspired by a talk by gabor maté on the “myth of normal” i am creating an (ab)normality cycle to illustrate the non-linear experience of certain cycles in my life ~

~ graphic designer friend Brenna Witt (she designed my insignia, this website, and my calling cards!) and i are collaborating on a t-shirt idea she came up with for folks in DFW ~

~ putting together collections of headshots, photographs, video clips about who i am what i offer ~

~ articulating embodiment and creativity practices to share in different settings ~

~ editing and reshaping Ethnoautobiography for a variety of groups of people ~

is that sexy love, or that love is sexy? ~ April 2017 ~

these are what i am calling trans* practices

so i laugh when i look through my website

and on just about every page are the words

trans/formation ongoing