diablitonot unlike Harry Potter, i have mixed feelings about invoking the name of he-who-shall-not-be-named. do we kid ourselves, and give away our power when we focus on Trump, and not all of the history, legacies, etc. that puts him there? indeed i found this fabulous artwork in Oakland, California by a local artist. let me be very clear: Trump just might be the devil (if i believed in it!), or a Deatheater (which i do believe in!). that’s not what i’m getting at here. what i’m getting at is the long histories of white supremacy, patriarchy, oligarchy, and so on that has given him power. this is reminiscent of a moment in the acclaimed book Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko (2006, pp. 124-128) when the witchery are released upon the world…

The wind will blow them across the ocean

thousands of them in giant boats

swarming like larva

out of a crushed ant hill.

They will carry objects

which can shoot death

faster than the eye can see.

They will kill the things they fear

all the animals

the people will starve.

They will poison the water

they will spin the water away

and there will be drought

the people will starve.

They will fear what they find

They will fear the people

They kill what they fear.

Entire villages will be wiped out

They will slaughter whole tribes.

Corpses for us

Blood for us

Killing killing killing killing.

And those they do not kill

will die anyway

at the destruction they see

at the loss

at the loss of the children

the loss will destroy the rest.

Stolen rivers and mountains

the stolen land will eat their hearts

and jerk their mouths from the Mother.

The people will starve.

Set in motion now

set in motion by our witchery

set in motion

to work for us.

Up here

in these hills

they will find rocks with veins of green and yellow and black.

They will lay the final pattern with these rocks

they will lay it across the world

and explode everything.

Set in motion now

set in motion

To destroy

To kill

Objects to work for us

objects to act for us

Performing the witchery

for suffering

for torment

for the still-born

the deformed

the sterile

the dead.





set into motion now

set into motion.

So the other witches said

“Okay you win; you take the prize,

but what you said just now—

it isn’t so funny

It doesn’t sound so good.

We are doing okay without it

we can get along without that kind of thing.

Take it back.

Call that story back.”

But the witch just shook its head

at the others in their stinking animal skins, fur and feathers.

It’s already turned loose.

It’s already coming.

It can’t be called back.