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or, writing about prostitutes...

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Jen and River were walking up the street deeply engaged in conversation. Jen was wearing a loose-fitting V-neck t-shirt without a bra. By most measures, her breasts were beautiful. River stopped short, and said, “Sometime I just really want to kiss you. How about here?” pulling Jen into an alcove off the sidewalk. River pressed up against her, kissing her deeply. Her shirt barely covered her breasts, offering River the opportunity to touch them, circling her nipples, cupping them gently. “My pussy aches,” Jen moaned. River’s hand slid to her crotch…


Lapping up the dances

[An erotic serial for a friend to send in short teasing texts…]

This story, like the fantasy it describes has no introduction; we go directly to the bedroom. Given how much she undresses for work, we undress her, leaving only her g-string in place. After pulling off her top, river asks about braiding her lovely hair. “If only to keep it out of the way, as we play,” they say with a wink and a smile…

… to be continued…

…“you have so much lovely hair,” jenny purrs, “how about pig tails, so we can each get to touch it?” she complied willingly, handing over the brush that rested on the bedside table. “here, sit in front of us,” river suggested, patting the bed, as the two of them scooted back to the headboard, offering her the spot in from of them. “we’ll take turns brushing your hair and touching your body, how’s that sound?” river practically whispered…

to be continued


trying it on

ver. 8.29.13

I love to shop with my wife Jenny for anything and everything but my absolute favorite is when she needs new ‘foundation.’ this is her euphemism for fancy bras and underwear. this requires a trip to Victoria’s Secret, and nothing gets me more frisky. it’s not just the shapely women, fantasizing about the women trying things on, or even the flirty looks. no, I get frisky because Jenny and I love to try and go into the dressing room to play around.

we aren’t always successful, which adds to the exhilaration. one Time I wasn’t allowed so Jenny had to take a selfie of the her lovely breasts wrapped in an adorable pink and white checked bra. I threatened to post it on tumblr.

other times I’ve been allowed in under the guise of seeing how she looks, but it seemed that the sales associates were onto us because they appeared to hover, asking Jenny if she needed different sizes and such. we are daring enough for me to cup and massage her breasts and even slide my hand down the front of her pants and give her clit a quick brush. but we’ve never had the time or space to do what I crave: have Jenny sit back with her legs spread while I feast on her luscious pussy until she comes quietly in her dressing room.

 every time we go into a vs we get flirty and sly, and this time is no different. Jenny is wearing a short skirt and one of her knit tips with a deep v, showing off her sufficient cleavage. only a b cup, she frequently expresses the desire for larger breasts, though I assure her that I love the way I can hold  her breasts cupped in my hands. 

lately as we’ve begun to discuss our fantasies of bringing another women home to play with us, Jenny has confessed that she’d like to touch large, soft breasts. we’ve even gone so far as beginning a collection of favorite breast pictures from tumblr. 

Jenny has never been with a woman apart from practicing kissing when she was a teenager. her admission about breasts is the most frequent sharing about women’s bodies.

as we walk through the store I ask her if she’s wearing panties, or if she’ll have to buy some.

“you’ll have to wait and see,” Jenny replied lustfully. while she’s sometimes bashful about public naughtiness she doesn’t shy away from innuendo and sexy talk.

“I plan on it,” I replied forcefully.

“before you can even get there, I need to actually have some things to try on,” she said. “I do need a couple bras, and maybe even some panties too.” she winked.

she found three different bras to try on including a very sexy purple lace one. “I can’t wait to see that one on you,” I said with much anticipation. any time Jenny is getting dressed is a good time to feel her up, cup her breasts, kiss her ass: morning, noon, night, or in the dressing room at vs!

“well, you may have to wait even longer if we don’t get lucky and they let you join me.”

“may we get lucky,” I smiled as I followed Jenny toward the fitting room.

 Jenny was greeted in that overly enthusiastic manner typical of most mall associates. “would you like to try those on,” she asked. 

I was trailing close behind and putting on my most nonchalant  air. “would it possible for my husband to join me in the dressing room, so he can give his opinion.” Jenny nodded towards me. I did my best to look interested but not too interested. I didn’t want the little sales associate to have any inkling of how horny I was.

after a quick glance at me, and perhaps noticing my nicely pedicured toes, she looked back to Jenny and replied that it would be fine. “we just put in a family dressing room, which usually is strollers.” she paused, as if making a big decision, “however, since you’re a man, I’ll have to supervise.”

crestfallen, but not wanting to appear so, we agreed.  Jenny would later tell me that she couldn’t believe an associate would be ok in a changing room, but perhaps it had been a plot to get me to back out.

“here, follow me,” as she moved toward the back of the hallway of fitting rooms. it was certainly secluded, I thought. guess if there are crying babies they won’t disrupt the young shoppers who wouldn’t dream of having a baby yet. “I’m Charlotte,” she said sweetly.

“I’m Jenny and this my husband Robert,” Jenny replied. I said hi somewhat bashfully; I wasn’t that horny anymore.

even though i was cooling my jets, as Charlotte led the way, I couldn’t help noticing how her bouncy skirt floated at her calves. and as i followed the line of the skirt up her legs, she had a lovely ass.

she opened the dressing room door with a key on her wrist and held it open for Jenny and then me to enter.  once we were in she followed us and closed the door behind her.

I found the situation sureal if slightly exciting now that we were in a secluded closed vs dressing room with a lovely young sales associate. Jenny must have felt the same way and said softly, “I actually thought you were joking.”

“nope,” said Charlotte, “and since I’m here, lets see what you have.” I detected a slight change in her tone.

Jenny held out her 3 bras.

Charlotte stepped closer to Jenny and said in a sultry voice, “actually I was referring to her breasts, but lets look at your bra choices too.

Jenny and I looked at each other, and I shrugged. I couldn’t read Jenny’s face.

Jenny held up the bras, as if to get Charlotte back to being an associate. as Charlotte pivoted to hang them on a hook, she commented how much she loved the purple one, and that in fact she’s wearing it. 

“would you like to it on,” she asked us, though I kept expecting her to ask me to leave. she didn’t, and as she turned around she peeled her cashmere sweater off, revealing her milky skin. as she turned I glimpsed some ink on her left shoulder, though I couldn’t make it out. I was distracted. she had a navel piercing, and was indeed wearing the same bra, though a larger cup size to be sure.

Jenny was speechless, though she could not take her eyes off her. she wasn’t voluptuous,  but had ample breasts. her sweater had a high neckline so the details hadn’t been noticeable. they were now. the bra looked great.

“what do you think,” she asked, this time directing the question to Jenny.

“you are, I mean the bra, is lovely.” Jenny managed to squeeze out an awkward, if slightly naughty smile. “but I don’t have the goods you do. You’re a perfect example of why I wish I did.”

“thank you,” replied Charlotte, “that’s a very nice thing to say. they’re only double Cs. anything more would be a hassle.”

she stepped toward Jenny. “you do have a very flattering cleavage, though.”

“I have to work at a bit,” Jenny replird. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

“if you’re not uncomfortable, may I see you?”

“sure, just a 36 B” said Jenny, though it was muffled by her pulling her top over her head. Jenny had long ago learned to wear cute things when trying on clothes, so was indeed wearing the pink checked bra she’d bought here last year.

I pride myself on loving Jenny’s body as it is, and tell her so often. but it’s even more important to state that publicly, so I find the courage to speak up. “I remind Jenny often that I like her petite body, including her lovely little breasts.”

Jenny smiled. Charlotte took another step closer, so was now directly on front of Jenny. “yes, all bodies different; all bodies beautiful,” replied Charlotte. without asking this time she reached behind Jenny and unclasped her bra. Jenny went along willingly and dropped her bra to the floor. “may I touch you?” Charlotte asked in a voice equal parts tenderness and curiosity.

Jenny glanced over to me. we’ve been very tentatively talking about opening our marriage up to play, at my initiation. that’s the context for having admitted she’d always love to touch large breasts. looks like she was about to have the possibility, and I wasn’t about to get in the way. “I can leave if it’d be more comfortable, but if you want this, you can have it.”

Jenny looked excited and terrified. “I’d like you to stay, if that’s ok with Charlotte. besides, I bet you might enjoy watching.” she laughed a little, and turned back toward to Charlotte, “I’m almost ashamed that I’ve never been with a woman, though I felt I am attracted to them.”

“well, that might change,” charlotte exhaled, “and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. life happens.” she smile a warm smile to Jenny. “and I don’t have any objection to Robert staying,” she added almost as afterthought.

Jenny didn’t move. time had stopped, and yet the room was electric. I didn’t  have an erection but I was definitely turned.

“may I touch you?” Charlotte repeated. but before Jenny could answer she reaches behind her own back to undo the lovely purple bra and free her breasts. she was probably still in her 20s, so they were firm, round and beautiful. her nipples had hardened with the increasing electricity, now they were erect. “perhaps you’d like to touch me?”

“I’d love to. your breasts are brautiful,” was all Jenny could muster. the distance between them was gone as Jenny placed her hand  on charlotte’s breast, placing the palm of her hand near the side of her left breast. Jenny’s thumb grazed her nipple and I could hear charlotte release a quiet moan.

Charlotte leaned forward and kissed Jenny’s neck and shoulder moving one hand to one of Jenny’s breasts, and the other gently stroking the small of Jenny’s back. Jenny was being more comfortable with Charlotte, pressing herself into her able breast.

Charlotte moved up to Jenny’s mouth, and a tentative gentle kiss enfolded them. they kissed and touched each other for a few more moments until Jenny slowly pulled back.

“is something wrong?” asked Charlotte.

“no, not at all. your body is soft and beautiful; your kisses sweet and gentle.” Jenny paused summoning courage.

she continued, “this is a huge fantasy I’ve had for some time, which I’ve only spoken out loud. I wouldn’t mind it continuing,”

“but?” asked Charlotte.

“but, it’s one part of a two part fantasy,” Jenny finished.

Charlotte didn’t miss a beat. “part 2 involves Robert and me, and you’re wondering if that’ll loosen you up completely. is that close?”

Jenny balked, not even knowing if Charlotte was bisexual.

“I’m asking too much. I don’t even know if you like men, and here I am spoiling your sweet initiation for me.” Jenny looked like she was going to cry.

Charlotte reached out toward Jenny, pulling her closer. she turned toward me, but was mostly speaking to for Jenny’s benefit. “the only preference I have is attraction and pleasure and joy, so I might tolerate a man, say Robert.” she smiled, making Jenny laugh.

“I’m actually really impressed,” she continued, “that even though this is your first time with a woman, you’re wanting it on your terms. that’s cool, confident, hot.”

Charlotte reached out to me. “so Jenny what turns you on?”

“Charlotte, this question is mostly for you,” Jenny spoke softly, “I think Robert has an idea where this is going.”

once more Charlotte spoke up. “may I guess?”

Jenny nodded.

“I wonder if since you wanted to touch my breasts so badly, you’d like to watch Robert do the same while you watch.”

Jenny looked surprised. “maybe it does make some sense,” she admitted.

now it was my turn, and for all theorizing about bringing someone in, for one or the other, or both of us, it hadn’t actually happened. Charlotte pulled me closer, and my hands found her full breasts. Jenny moved back toward a bench  that was against the wall. she sat down, caressing her own breasts as I caressed Charlottes. Charlotte pressed in toward my erection and sighed. th next time I looked at Jenny her hand was between her legs, fingering herself. guess she hasn’t worn underwear after all.

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