stories of (my)self. (...trans/formation ongoing...)

tributaries to a river


as the story suggests there are many influences

and confluences that make me who i am.

being in relationship with all of these things

creates a less boundaried, gendered, static

sense of self


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Rock Carvings in Tanum, 457 93 Tanum, Sweden

this carving is located in Tanum, Sweden

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party boat narrative

what carries the most meaning for me is that this rock carving is a spirit boat filled with ancestral spirits allowing the person to fly. jenny has called it the party boat, because that is true in some fashion. with all of my spirits on board it is something like a party! once all of my ancestral spirits are with me, i feel light, allowing me to fly and flip. thus sometimes i call this my cartwheel spirit. also evoked are peter pan’s happy thoughts, or the african american tradition of flying. the short video clip is my homemade attempt at illustrating this…

~~~~~ short animation of my spirit boat ~~~~~

this is a tattoo...