Jürgen and i are underway with revising a couple of chapters in our book on Ethnoautobiography: Jürgen’s working on the community chapter, Community and Communitas. I am spending some time with En/gendering Embodied Ethnoautobiography. In re-reading the chapter recently I felt that it still held up well, and that a lot was present, but that a few things deserved explicit mention:

  • 4th wave feminism, intersectionality, and resisting rape culture;
  • marriage equality, non-monogamies, kink;
  • trans visibility and violence, embracing rather than reinforcing binaries.

i also added some related musings to the ‘being in relationship’ tab on my intimacy and relationship page

i’m hoping to add a couple more illustrations, as well, including possibly this one which i adapted from an art piece i’m working on, which in turn was inspired by Bem’s 1995 ‘Dismantling gender polarization and compulsory heterosexuality’…

onward amidst the troubles…