embodying tenderness

work of body

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the featured image for this gallery is entitled ’embodying tenderness’ because i seek this work to be one small antidote to the horrors of date rape in the digital age (see September 17, 2013¬†Rolling Stone article, Sexting, shame & suicide). these are the notes i wrote in September 2014:

I inscribe on my love words, sentiments, intentions as a threefold healing from our individual and collective gendered trauma: her need to fit into a heterosexual norm, having resisted potential sexual freedom along the way; my extreme discomfort with the cages of masculinity and heteronormativity, experiencing bullying, and misunderstanding; and, finally, as a small practice, perhaps even an antidote to the misogyny of date/acquaintance rape scenarios. no, in this scene I imagine partners taking a sharpie and writing words on their friend’s and/or lover’s bodies that evoke caring, compassion, connection.”

this gallery is about multiple and possible alternative representations of self and body, and as such there will be nudity. accordingly, if you browse the gallery it is understood¬†that you are of age, you are open, and you can view this material respectfully…