hot buttons*

*a topic or issue that is highly charged emotionally or politically

a few brief samples of topics & information we hope to address in this blog/book

perceptions of the female body that are effected by numerous social norms, usually negatively


sexist & objectifying language used by men against women


YouTube of Adult Wednesday Adams responds to cat calling

questions norms that sexuality and gender identity are fixed binary opposites

(hetero- or homosexuality; masculinity or femininity)



varieties of sensual & sexual activity that involve alternative pleasures and fetishes


empowering ourselves to know our bodies and what gives us pleasure


a newcomers guide to masturbating with a vibrator by Vanessa Marin

consensual relationships are infinite and negotiable


More than two by Franklin Veaux

access to porn offers safety, choice, and many challenges


website link

creating & celebrating norms of female body awareness and pride


I Found Myself in Betty’s Entryway, Getting Undressed with 10 Other Women

by Pam Costa

Women Attempted To Identify Their Vaginas In A Lineup And It Was Awkward

BuzzFeed IRL video

The great wall of vagina

by artist Jamie McCartney

social norms that blame women for male (sexual) violence



movement that opposes patriarchy while also affirming healthy sexuality


Foundation for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle, WA

Tristan Taormino (sex-positive feminist who strongly believes that everyone deserves quality sexuality education)

social norms that seek to control female sexuality through shame, fear, and violence


I’ve Officially Slept With 99 People, And Now I’m #LookingForMyHundo

by Zoe Ligon

‘Slut’ Label Refuses to Die by Tom Jacobs


tinder; aka hooking up

social media dating opportunities, realities & challenges