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sex education.

July 13, 2017: good sex ed timeline from aasect

July 1, 2015: in the process of working on a sexuality textbook with Susan, i’m doing two things: while reviewing various (at this point seven) human sexuality textbooks looking for plusses and minuses, i’m also gleaning relevant progressive sex positive information from a variety of sex ‘manuals’ from the ‘traditional’ Joy of sex to Betty Dodson‘s work on masturbation, Tristan Taormino’s books on BDSM and non-monogamous relationships, and Alison Moon’s brand new Girl Sex 101. as i begin this process, we’ll blog on various topics to get the ball rolling, and then gather material together into a human sexuality textbook that combines learning about sexuality and sex! visit the resources page for the books we’re working with…

June 12, 2015: a friend with a 14-year-old daughter was talking to me about beginning to have open and honest conversations about sex and sexuality recently and i gave her a valuable resource. since our great state of texas preaches the highly ineffective and destructive abstinence-only sex education, it’s vital first to provide information to people, especially young people. i also told her about the recent PBS story, The case for starting sex education in kindergarten, about the incredible sex/uality education in the Netherlands, which can begin as early as age 4!


s.e.x.: the all you need to know progressive sexuality guide to get you through high school and college

by heather corinna, founder and editor of (sex ed for the real world)


June 28, 2015: with the wonderously historic events of marriage equality comes the critical opportunity to continue the struggles of inclusion, as is raised about the transgender community, for example. much attention was given (in many ways rightfully!) to the Stonewall Inn in NYC, site of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. mention was rarely made of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot in SF in 1966, which specifically targeted transgendered people because they were typically not allowed in bars, and it was illegal to cross-dress! i’m reviewing human sexuality textbooks as i begin the process of writing a new one with my friend/colleague Susan Rahman, phd. this first textbook only names Stonewall…

The new girl in school: Transgender surgery at 18 (NY Times, June 16, 2015).

June 2015 seems to have been largely about either Caitlyn Jenner or responses to her coming out. For some time though the possible controversies between feminism and trans- issues have been brewing, including around admission to women’s colleges:

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What sexual behaviors have you done that are life-affirming & support you? That’s key to understanding healthy sexuality. ~~~~~ Charlie Glickman, @charlieglickman


August 17, 2015: Met a Ph.D. student who’s doing their research on sex workers in Shakespeare! Then get a link from a friend about a book about 1920s French prostitutes. Guess sex work is up! Ha!

August 10, 2015: Local Dallas sex writer Jenny Block has just published her new book about female orgasms, O Wow: Discovering your ultimate orgasm, and I happened to find an article from Psychology Today, wondering about what the purpose of the female orgasm is! Is pleasure not an option? Read for yourself here.


in the works…

positive sex (an alternative human sexuality textbook co-authored with Susan Rahman, PhD.)

coming into the open (a creative journey through the process of moving into non-monogamy co-created with my spouse-for-life Jenny Jackson-Paton)