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senses & sensibilities.

August 13, 2015: An article from some time back that moved me for various reasons. Mostly very struck by the word connectome! Mixed and complex feelings about mapping things, of course… sebastian seungs quest to map the human brain.

reading an article from the NY from April 19, 2015 about too much screen time for youth, The eye-to-eye challenge, and then come across this graph from the NY Times Education Life from February 8, 2015…



added this piece to my ‘work of body’ gallery along with a few other related ones. it was as i was working on ‘pleasantly confused’ for my friend/colleague lex, that i began calling this series, ‘reverences.’ they are my attempt to show how much i revere various people, places, things, concepts and so on, in this life. they are placed in the ‘work of body’ gallery because in keeping with the somatic work of especially body-mind centering, it is my contact and relationship with the ‘other’ that gives me a sense of my self (a reverence to this learning is underway!). the first one i made was for my beloved spouse, Jenny; the second for Brené Brown; the third was for Lex; and my latest is for the 21+ ‘lost homes’ that i lived in over the years. this is the link to my River Guide Facebook post about my lost homes.


realized that i needed to add a tab for creativity with much appreciation for the somatics work i’ve done, and the inspiration from Brené Brown. it’s worth reflecting on the connections between creativity & embodiment. this is the collage i made for Brené before i saw her speak…

honoring brene (1)


ethnoautobiography: stories and practices for unlearning whiteness, decolonization, uncovering ethnicities

in the works…

positive sex (an alternative human sexuality textbook co-authored with Susan Rahman, PhD.)

coming into the open (a creative journey through the process of moving into non-monogamy co-created with my spouse-for-life Jenny Jackson-Paton)


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