eco-somatics (...trans/formation ongoing...)

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this is what i wrote in an attempt to explain eco-somatics in April 2013:

In a nutshell, eco-somatics is linking the experience of coming home to our place and at the same time being embodied. This has been greatly influenced by my own recovery process, but at this place it makes obvious sense that separation from body and place are two outcomes of colonization. There are many influences and inspirations: such as all those years ago reading Susan Griffin’s Woman and Nature. Thus, ecofeminism is certainly an ancestor of this. As is much ecopsychology, especially the work of David Abram. I am also connecting this with somatics, such as the work of Thomas Hanna, Don Hanlon Johnson, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and other somatic therapies. Look at Body and Earth by Andrea Olsen, for one example of where this path might lead.


ethnoautobiography: stories and practices for unlearning whiteness, decolonization, uncovering ethnicities

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positive sex (an alternative human sexuality textbook co-authored with Susan Rahman, PhD.)

coming into the open (a creative journey through the process of moving into non-monogamy co-created with my spouse-for-life Jenny Jackson-Paton)


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